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7 - G1931.3 - bugfixes, energy management changes, variable tweaking, agonizing
Altered energy management to take into consideration the recorded accuracy of the chosen segment.
Decreased bin count and rolling depth on wavesurfing only to better utilize the much smaller amount of available data.
Altered multi-wave surfing to use the square of the impact-time ratio, which helps decrease the impact of distant waves.
Changed segment fitness function to use the Crest factor.
Removed wall-distance axis from wavesurfing.
Updated debug graphics to display which axes are in use on each wave.
It looks like I've recaptured the score points I lost since version 4.
6a - G1905.6 - same as 6, major bugs fixed, enforces preferred distance
Fixed a number of silly bugs with version 6. Automatic segmentation should actually provide a benefit now.
Changed distance enforcement to move closer as well as to move further away.
Smooths with a root of 0.5 instead of version 6's 0.35.
I suspect more bugs. More testing!
6 - G1900.0 - automatic segmentation, lots of segments
As promised in version 5, now selects segmentation automatically, inspired by Fractal's strategy at AutomatedSegmentation on the old wiki.
Modified bin smoothing function to Math.pow(0.35, Math.abs(index - count)).
Generally beats version 5.
Buggy release! This version carefully collected information... and then put it all in the same couple places. Version 6a should perform much better.
5 - G1917.7 - multi-segment wavesurfing
Extended changes for guessfactor gun to wavesurfing.
Planned for near future: automatic re-segmentation with a large number of factors.[1]
This release ranks lower than 4, despite the addition of an acceleration segment on the avoidance side. More investigation is merited.
4 - G1933.4 - multi-segment guess factors
Modified guess factors to include acceleration. This has been changed in such a way that adding additional factors later should be straightforward.
3a - G1910.0- fixed display of guessfactor waves
Now shows the wave for the correct segment - sometimes the gun is cool enough to fire but needs to wait another tick for the barrel to swing into position.
Entered in RoboRumble, ELO 1672.1 after all pairings completed.
3 - finished guessfactor gun, increased adaptive bullet power slightly
Often beats CigaretBH, consistently beats GrubbmGrb, sometimes beats Phoenix (wow! didn't expect that).
Still doesn't sweat the rambots, even GrubbmThree.
Next-wave surfing is now weighted by each wave's time-to-arrive and power.
2 - full-flight threshold reduced to 80px, also adapts bullet power based on distance
Performs much better against rambots, and sometimes kills bots with good guns and movement.
Now surfs the current wave + 1/4 of the next one
1 - Version tracking starts here
Movement: Wave Surfing segmented on velocity / Gun: Linear Targeting (trig).
MovementChallenge2K6/Wavesurfing: A:99.674, B:90.784, C:94.800 - average 95.086
Can't beat all the samplebots, mostly because it can't hit them. Consistently, savagely beats RamboT and usually survives against Sanguijuela.