Chronicle of 2011

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Here is a list of events, minor or major, that happened with Robocode/the Robowiki in 2011. Please add to this list!

  • Robocode progressed to, Roborumble allows versions and
  • In Melee, we had 17 new bots and 5 changed bots.
  • In MicroMelee, oog.melee.Capulet took the crown from Simonton.micro.Sprout
  • In MiniMelee, oog.melee.Capulet was the only change in the top-10, from #7 to #3
  • In Nano- and MegaMelee, no changes in the top-10 :-(
  • In TwinDuel, there was no action at all
  • In Teams, mn.CombatTeam catapulted from #18 to #6
  • In NanoDuel, we went from 160 to 181 participants. The only top-10 change was oog.nano.Caligula from #6 to #2
  • In MicroDuel, we went from 299 to 328 participants. No remarkable changes.
  • In MiniDuel, we went from 406 to 442 participants. No remarkable changes.
  • In MegaDuel, we went from 784 to 843 participants, 80 new bots, 21 removed bots and 16 changed bots.
  • Four bots newly appeared in the top-10, lxx.Tomcat (#3), cs.ags.Scarlet(#5) and held that position till the end of the year. The fourth one dropped out again.
  • This means that abc.Shadow !!, jk.precise.Wintermute and davidalves.Firebird vanished from the top-10 !
  • ncj.MoxieBot appeared with a very intimidating and succesfull Bullet Shielding technique, making actively use of Bullet Shadows.
  • User:Bwbaugh built the biggest RoboRumble client cluster farm ever.
  • Darkcanuck/RRServer improved priority battles system made Premier League stabilize a lot faster. Making it a lot more competitive.
  • In 1v1, there was a fierce Premier League battle between DrussGT, Diamond and Tomcat. DrussGT came out the winner, and with a perfect PL score.
  • PEZ updated CassiusClay for the first time in years. =)
  • Chase-san finally firmly enters the 2000 club with cs.Nene, having spent 5 years of toiling just below the edge.