Chronicle of 2012

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Here is a list of events, minor or major, that happened to Robocode/RoboWiki in 2012:

  • Skilgannon expanded his empire by taking the MeleeRumble crown with Neuromancer.
  • After many years of Shadow domination in the TeamRumble, MN took the crown with Combat.
  • Quite a bit of activity at the top of the RoboRumble...
    • Most notably, Gilgalad shot up to #3.
    • Diamond came pretty close to catching DrussGT. =) (In fact, he was legitimately, but barely, ahead for a few days.)
    • Both DrussGT and Diamond broke the 90 APS barrier in August.
    • GrubbmGait's deceptively simple bot GresSuffurd entered the top ten.
    • Chase-san's bot Nene reached 11th place, using only a mini-sized GF gun from 2004!
  • RoboRunner / RoboJogger - Voidious released RoboRunner, a new batch battle runner with some significant improvements over RoboResearch, such as faster execution (no JVM restarts), team support and smart battles. Two things it lacked were a GUI and Windows support, but those were also remedied by Skotty starting work on RoboJogger.
  • LiteRumble - Skilgannon wrote a new rumble server that's really lightweight and flexible. See it in action: [1].
  • The legendary Paul Evans returned briefly to talk about the Raspberry Pi. Some effort and bug fixes went into getting Robocode to run on it, but it probably needs new graphics and maybe improved Java support. Voidious ended up writing a game called BerryBots.
  • Wompi joined the wiki.
    • He released the incredibly successful micro melee robot Wallaby. Wallaby took the micromelee throne (by a margin of almost 1.5% APS), the minimelee throne, and 13th place in the general melee class (outranking several megabots, including Logic, SandboxDT, and Griezel).
  • Sheldor joined the wiki.