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I'm a student of life, having lived in the US, South Africa and now Switzerland. Robocode was the first thing to get me interested in software development at the age of 16, and now ~10 years later I do similar work (computer vision and machine learning) professionally. Somewhere along the way I got a B.Sc.Eng in Electro-mechanical Engineering, and a M.Sc.Eng in Robotics, both from the University of Cape Town.

I currently have a range of competitive bots: 1v1:

  • Nano:
    • Yatagan, which I wrote together with User:Sheldor, the top nano which does actual learning (ie. no offline tables which are matched by names to enemies)



  • Twin Duel:
    • NightAndDay - Two bots, Night and Day, working together. They use a segmented GF gun with a careful choice of attributes to enable hitting non-perpendicular movement. They use Minimum Risk Movement. The only difference between them is the color.
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